Monday’s Note:

  1.  VERY IMPORTANT:  For our trip to Lego Land on Wednesday, we need all students and parent volunteers to be at the school early by 8:40 a.m.  (“twenty to nine”)
  2. We are working on musical instruments on Tuesday and then again in class on Thursday and Friday (if necessary).  Please bring in all the materials you need!  Only some came in today…
  3. Science notes are all due for Friday.  Please finish any to the best of your ability.  Most have already been taken up in class, but I want to re-check your notes at the end of the week.

Friday’s Note

  1.  Our Lego Land trip is next week on Wednesday.  Thank-you to all of the parents who volunteered to come along and assist.  Please bring in forms and money or use the online method for our trip if you haven’t already.
  2. Musical Instruments:  I’m starting to hear about some of the great plans that have begun at home.   On Monday, please bring in what you can for musical instruments and we will schedule time all week long to finish up the musical instrument project.  Eventually, it will be interesting to play the instruments together, and…who knows…maybe even perform with them if they work musically!  All in the name of science!
  3. Update:  I also forgot to add…Next we’ll be getting into book movie trailers.  Don’t bring in any Lego and miniatures yet until we make plans on Monday and/or Tuesday as to what can be shared for our movie productions.

Lego Thursday and Genius Friday

In support of our Lego Movie trailers (after March break) that many students will make, we’ll have a Lego play period tomorrow (or any other miniatures that are favoured).

Also, we will pick up again with Genius Hour on Friday this week.  Students must lead their own learning for a period of the day.  I will be involved in Genius Hour myself by trying to learn Italian with an iPad app!

Homemade Instruments

I added the “Musical Instrument Project Page” to the Paperwork page of this blog.  The project is not officially assigned until after March break, but I thought I’d hand it out and get it to the blog so that awareness is built.  The project begins at home (now or after March break depending on each family) and then comes back to school for finishing during the week of March 27th.  Further details are covered on the download on the Paperwork page.

Harmonica Reports due Thursday

Please finish as homework if they’re not done already.  Remember, it’s not as important to make a beautiful harmonica.  Your report should tell me about how you made changes to the basic harmonicas in your effort to produce more than one distinct sound.  Print it at home (below) if you misplaced your copy or forgot it.

(EXPERIMENT Harmonica)

Habitat Models

The finished models have been up in the library for two weeks.  It is time to take them home this week.  After school on Thursday, I’ll have to put all remaining models into the garbage.  Please make arrangements.

Take Science Home for the diagram

Today, we got our simple homemade harmonicas started in class.  The video is a link on the side of this blog.  (Sound:  Homemade Harmonicas…).

HOMEWORK:  Please finish a drawing of the harmonica (whether you finished it or not you should be able to) and ADD some modification (change) ideas to the materials that you could use.

Books to finish

Late last week, I asked the class to make a brand new fiction book choice.  The goal is to finish reading this book in early March so that we can finish our study of narrative (story) forms by creating the text and video for movie trailers based on the book choices.  I sent a form home today about this.  If it was forgotten/lost, etc, here is a link to re-print the form at home.

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