Tuesday’s Note:

We are going to Camp Kitchekewana on Thursday.  Students must arrive to the school around 7:45 a.m. so that we can leave at 8:00 a.m.  We aim to be back around 5:30 p.m. here at the school, but cannot be absolutely certain of the time.

Students should come for a day of outdoor fun.  Rain is not in the forecast, just some clouds and a high of 22 degrees celsius.  LUNCH IS PROVIDED by the camp, but students could bring snacks if necessary at designated times.

NO TECHNOLOGY comes to camp, please.  NO FIDGET SPINNERS are needed at school or camp on Thursday.  Thank-you for understanding our goal of “a day at camp in nature, with nothing but nature and outdoor fun”….

We’ll be kayaking, compass orienteering, lunching, boating, camp skills learning and having fun at the archery range.  Should be good!

Wednesday’s Note

The first part of our Math test for fractions and decimals happened today.  The second part is tomorrow (adding, subtracting decimals).  I’ve asked students to review lessons 6 and 7 from our unit.  There was going to be a third part on Friday (to the test) but I’ve decided to assess in a different way and tomorrow will finalize the test.

Tuesday’s Note

  1.  Social Studies Research booklets are being marked.  When returned (aiming for Wednesday), they can be taken home and improved (or finished in some cases..) in order to improve grading.
  2. I just added the King’s Wharf Theatre permission page to this blog under “Paperwork” up top.  I’m looking for one more parent/guardian volunteer from this class to come along (police checks must be filed with the school already).

Poetry Recitals and Poetry Books

Congratulations to Cody, Mya, Ella-Rae, Hannah, Abigail, and Logan for their poetry recitals today in the Library competition!  Special mention goes to Logan for winning top honours in grade four based on the judges notes!

The remainder of the class will continue to recite at least 2 minutes of their own poems in the class this week starting tomorrow until Friday.  As well, the poetry books that we’ve been developing in class are due Friday.

Math Homework

Math Sheet #1 Fraction Areas is due Tuesday

Library tomorrow

Wednesday is an open house at Minesing (for Education week).  We’ll be showing the book trailers that were completed as well as other work for display (during the last block of the day on Wed.)

Thursday’s Note

Please bring in the overdue cartoon panels (yesterday’s note)

Please bring in overdue science reports.

Please finish Lesson 5 from math class if it was assigned to you.

Wednesday’s Note

A simple homework assignment.  Please finish your one panel (10cm by 10cm) for our class comic “Bobby and the Chicken”.  Below are the beginning, middle and ending provided by R.F.  As a class, we will decide how they are to be put together tomorrow.  Please don’t work together this evening if you happen to live near a classmate!  Do make the story about Bobby and the Chicken, and do add new settings/characters if you like.



Tuesday’s Note

  1.  Math Worksheet Lesson 3 (please finish if not yet done)
  2. There are still some Science reports overdue (instruments) Please finish as homework and hand in
  3. Talk at home about the heritage of one of the last names connected to your family (e.g. Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents’, etc)


We are starting to learn and review multiplication and division.  Currently in the portable, I’m “diagnosing” times tables that the students are capable of.  There is a wide range of ability that I can see so far.  Our goal is to be able to handle the times tables up to and including 9 x 9.  Another goal (some students have come to grade four already at this one) is to be able to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number (e.g. 28 x 7).  Any home practice, review and further learning will help to support our success.  I’d suggest a website called “math-drills.com” if you’re looking to print out extra skills and drills sheets.