The Portable

I get asked about ten times each day now, “When will you be in the portable?”  Usually, my answer has been, “I don’t know”.  Now, my answer is, “Probably soon.”  If you haven’t already heard, the portable is hooked up, clean and almost ready. 

The final word as to when we go in is with Mr. Garner, but I have a feeling we’ll be in there soon.  Here’s hoping!

SOCIAL STUDIES QUIZ: Wednesday, Oct. 26

for Wednesday, Oct. 26th:  We will be having a quiz focused on Canadian government services (for example: Municipal provides things like garbage pick-up, Provincial provides things like public education services, Federal provides things like Military services, etc) and focused on our hand-out called “How a Law is Made”.

HOMEWORK: Thursday, Oct. 20/11

1.  Math Sheet: “Evaluating Survey Results”, #1-4.   (“Power Builder” on the other side is if you want extra practice…you can do 10 – 20 minutes of Power Builders.  We will take them up together in class together on Friday)

2.  Social Studies:  “The Making of a Law”  Re-organize the nine statements in the proper order.

Portable One has arrived

The construction crew was here today.  They’re not finished yet, but portable one has arrived!  Crews have to finish assembly, hook up electricity, heat and other construction related issues.  We are all excited for our own classroom…..