Grade 5 Science Note:

Good job to the three groups that presented their slides today!  If you are still not done your Human Body System presentation slides or poster etc, please work extra hard this week to catch up.  Do a little every night as homework and you’ll get caught up before you know it!

Grade 4 Science Note:

Grade 4:  Take a look at the photo of the classroom poster I just made (click photo below to enlarge).  We will begin our experiments on garlic plants starting tomorrow.  They’ll last for one week.

Green Team Award

We are making a new award to be given out each week at Minesing.  The Green Team will award it based on eco-friendly habits that we see or hear about in classrooms.  Our award needs a suitable base (an old trophy base?) and some extra “personality” (huge green sunglasses?, a broom stick painted green to sit atop?)

If you have any ideas and or found items at home that could help complete it, please bring it in!  (Please don’t buy anything…we’re trying to make it entirely out of reused items…to be eco-friendly.  The globe was an old one to be thrown out, for example)

Patterning Problems (cont’d)

Here are two grade four and two grade five problems that I’ve chosen from the favourite problems as mentioned in my last post on the blog.  Each problem is an excellent problem, so congratulations math problem writers!  In each grade samples below, one of the choices is even a little more fitted for patterning solutionsCan you tell which one in each of the grade samples?

Grade 4

Paulina had 11 dogs. One dog got stolen each Tuesday and Thursday. How many weeks until she has no more dogs?

Leon has $3,600. He got that in one year. How much does he get per month?

Grade 5

Mary makes very good pumpkin pie. She decided that she will sell each pie for $7. Mary sold 149 pies! How much money did she make in her sale? What kind of pattern can you use to show your answer?

Bob is putting pucks in a bucket. He put one puck in on the first day, five pucks in on the second day, 9 pucks in on the third day, and 13 pucks in on the fourth day. If this pattern continues, how many pucks will Bob have in on the 5th day?

Patterning Problems

Today, the class voted on their favourite patterninig problems (as written by other classmates) based on the following criteria:

  • a problem that has either a gr.4 or gr. 5 “complexity” (challenge level) to it
  • a problem that is understood and/or enjoyed by children of 8 – 12 years of age (audience)
  • a problem which uses patterning as its most obvious solution.

Math Words…

Check out the “Paperwork” page up top on my blog.  I just put a link to a document I’ve used in class called “Instructional Words in Math”.  You will see these words (and others) used often in math texts, on math hand-outs and by math teachers and math peers.

Grade 5 note

Be sure to share any human body system research with partners.  Please start finding time, even sometimes at home if you can log into your drive, and make your presentation better.  Ask yourself, “What further questions” does my research bring up for me to answer.  That’s what good research its….figuring out all the questions that come up and being prepared to answer for them.

Attached here is the assignment:  We’ve been working on it for 2 weeks.  It is due in one week from now (Thursday, November 9th)

BODY SYSTEMS inquiry assignment-130o1g6

Grade 4 Note

We are planning a “Plant Growth” experiment.  After brainstorming as a group, we came up with the following list of materials needed.  If your household has any extra of the following, we’d appreciate using it:

  1.  soil…useable soil for indoor plants (unfertilized)
  2. plants…10cm to 15cm height plants that are safe to touch.  (we need at least 6 similar plants to experiment with)
  3. containers…our most creative idea was to find 6 old shoes, line them for planting and, voila!  (or plastic containers could work too)
  4. common plant fertilizer.  (if you’ve got any extra “Miracle-Gro”, for example.

Patterning Word Problem

Don’t forget to finish your patterning word problem!  (Create a word problem for a grade 4/5 audience.  The solution should involve patterning.)  Answer your own problem, too.  Show your solution in the best way possible.