Language Class

In Language class, I’ve been reading the novel The Way to Schenectady (by Canadian author, Richard Scrimger) to the class.  Below is a photo of the bulletin board display that the students have been responsible for developing.  As well, today I introduced a writing assignment.  The students will be writing about an event from their own lives in a “personal recount”.  More to follow as we develop ideas…

Thursday’s Note

  1.  Tomorrow is the Elmvale Fair!  I sent a note home with some important information.
  2. Grade Five:  I handed out a science note today that lists the body systems.  Next week, I’ll be helping the students to partner up and begin deeper research about one of those body systems.  Grade Four posters were due today.
  3. QSP Magazine Fundraising packages were handed out today.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday’s Note…

  1.  Thank-you to the parents who have indicated that they might be able to fill in at the last minute as volunteers for the Fair on Friday.  We can only ask those parents who already have police checks filed with the school because approval from the school board is needed and it takes some time (more time than we have before Friday’s trip…).
  2. Math Test tomorrow:  I asked the class (both grades) to complete “Test Yourself” as a final way of preparing for tomorrow’s test.  See the post below about the test content.
  3. Tomorrow is “Meet the Teacher” evening.  5-6 pm is at the back of the school (“Pizza-Q”) and 6-7 pm is in the class portable (called “P914” out by the side bus area).

Elmvale Fair

On Friday, we go to the Elmvale Fair and join the other area schools to open the fair with our parade into the grounds!  If there are any parents that are able to come along and help us get organized, off the busses, parade into town, etc, we could use some assistance.  (School volunteers must have a current police check already filed with the school to come along…)

Math Test on Wednesday

We did some “test prep” today for Wednesday’s math test.  Here is the list of topics that were on the white board today.  Generally, the class looks quite ready with “rounding” being the single biggest area that needs some extra attention before the test.  We will look at “rounding” again on Tuesday.

The idea of “lesser known”

In both grades four and five, we’re starting to use brainstorming methods (e.g. lists, sketches, graphic organizers) to sort through ideas for assignments, tasks and eventually projects that relate to the needs of each grade.  Recently, I’ve asked both grades to use the idea of “lesser known” when coming up with some ideas.  Let me explain…In grade four, I’ve asked for a poster by the end of this week that features information about a “Lesser Known” animal or plant in the Simcoe County Area.  Students are not to feature something like a maple tree, but rather a type of tree that maybe might surprise us.  In grade five, I’ve asked the students to talk to their family and see if they can brainstorm some “Lesser Known Laws” as a way of connecting to and then using ideas for their Social Studies unit that is beginning, called “Government in Canada”.

Extraordinary Effort!

Today, in a “come from behind” effort, the class tied my points because of team effort, co-operation and more suitable classroom habits in our effort to work well as learners.  I was impressed! When classes tie my weekly points, I offer the possibility of a “free Friday” period for that week as a reward.

After tomorrow’s morning block of class time, I’ll decide if an extra fitness period outside should be awarded (in the afternoon).

N.B.  When classes beat my weekly points by Thursdays, the free Friday period is a guarantee…not easy to earn, but still possible. (I think this class might just beat my points in future weeks ahead…)